Liturgy As A Bridge In Divided Times

Doctor Susan Reynolds talks about liturgy as a bridge builder. While we may be divided by culture, language, or priories; at least, in the liturgy, specifically, in the celebration of the Eucharist, be bound up together in unity before the holy mystery of God in the celebration of the mass. This is a noble thing especially, as she notes, in this day when worship might take place in different languages, at different times, in the same church building. The challenge comes wh

Why Liturgy?

When asked why liturgy, a friend born in 1959 answered, "I like the predictability." He went on to say that human beings need and crave both, predictability and novelty. Some need more of one than the other. We are wired that way. As the friend, a retired professor, gets older, his want is more predictability. For him, the liturgy provides contours for his spiritual journey. Additionally, liturgy is a corrective to excesses of personality. What say you? Why liturgy? #

The Church Calendar

Many say that the Church Calendar shapes the contours of our lives. The annual rhythmic pattern with its reoccurring biblical themes can help to orient people in an otherwise busy, chaotic, crazy world. More and more Protestant churches are dialing into Advent and Lent with their congregations. A few add more, such as Trinity Sunday or Christ The King Sunday. Simply put, the church calendar or liturgical calendar is yet another tool to assist us in the faith as we contin