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Liturgy As A Bridge In Divided Times

Doctor Susan Reynolds talks about liturgy as a bridge builder. While we may be divided by culture, language, or priories; at least, in the liturgy, specifically, in the celebration of the Eucharist, be bound up together in unity before the holy mystery of God in the celebration of the mass. This is a noble thing especially, as she notes, in this day when worship might take place in different languages, at different times, in the same church building. The challenge comes when we move outside of Roman circles. There is no agreement on the significance and meaning of the Lord's Supper. Even within Roman circles, one culture may adhere to one particular understanding over another. As Dr. Reynolds states, the practice of the Eucharist can be transformative for both the community and the individual, yet experience tells us that the human community is too far broken by history to get there. The word naive is not appropriate, to use this word would deny the power and possibility of the Christian faith. Nonetheless, in the same breath that church celebrates its unity, the church laments what divides the human race. #DrSusanReynolds #liturgy #unity

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