• nathan byrd

Worship and COVID-19

Here is an observation from our virtual worship this past week. The feedback received so far indicates that most people appreciated two things:

One, people were glad to see familiar faces. Two, people were grateful to hear voices saying parts of the liturgy together with strength. People experienced gladness and gratitude---as they clicked on the church's Facebook videos.

My family and I made the worship video together in the church sanctuary. The 25 minute order of service was simple and Word centered. We aim to add music in the future.

Again, feedback suggests that what made people feel connected was the sight of familiar faces. Faces, and sound: specifically, the sound of my family's voices saying the Lord's Prayer together.

People who participated in the worship service through the video say they felt included in the experience even though it was online.

Hard days with fear and uncertainty. Days full of new opportunities for connection and love. Thanks be to God.

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